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Arranger: Monica Kennedy
Pianist: Monica Kennedy
Vocals: Sheena Fadey
Lyrics: Lynn Jackson

Today we come together to feel the Christly power,
To learn of our perfection in this most holy hour.
Our Leader and our Master have given us in trust
The truth we hold most precious:
Never has Christ left us!

I AM is one in Being, inseparable and pure,
The great I AM, eternal, supplies our every cure.
My oneness with my Father is evermore the same,
I am not here distracted,
My vocation is plain!

I lift thought to Love’s summons, the Pastor is my guide.
I hear Love softly saying: “In Christ you do abide!”
I flee to Spirit’s mountain, Love’s voice I ever heed,
Not ever has Christ left us,
This is God’s great decree!