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Composer: Jesus Fuentes
Vocals: Jana Ellsworth
Pianist: Jesus Fuentes
Lyrics: Jill Gooding
From The Christian Science Sentinel
Volume 120, issue 26
June 25, 2018

In consciousness at one with God
we find this holy place,
a place where we’re not limited
by person, time, or space.

This secret place of oneness,
unknown to mortal thought,
is seen and felt in Spirit,
as the kingdom Jesus taught.

Our refuge and our fortress,
with safety guaranteed,
our trust in the Almighty
supplies our every need.

This place is our true dwelling,
where we live and move and breathe;
a place of peace and harmony,
a place we never leave.

This secret place is here and now
beneath, around, above;
His tender presence everywhere –
an all-inclusive Love.