Musical References

Each solo is also represented as an accompaniment only. This is provided for those who wish to sing the music but do not have a pianist readily available. Biblical texts and correlative passages are listed after the solo title along with titles of related Lesson-Sermons. This is done to help students and Readers find related texts.

Newness of Life 

Bible: Rom 6:4; Isa 28:10, 13; Isa 53:3; Ps 119:93; Matt 27:7; I Cor 15:55; John 20:13, 16

Mrs. Eddy's writings: SH 24:11; 35:6; 249:6; 426:16; 520:12; 20:16; 52:13; 496:20 

Suggested Bible Lessons: Probation After Death; Life; Christ Jesus. EASTER

The Secret Place 

Bible: Ps. 91:1

Mrs. Eddy's writings: SH 208:5; 381:17

Hymn: 53

Suggested Bible Lessons: Spirit

Affliction Will Not Rise Up Again

Bible: Nah 1:9; James 4:89; Col 1:27; I Pet 5:8

Mrs. Eddy's writings: SH 324:1

Suggested Bible Lessons: Spirit, Are Sin, Disease and Death Real?; Unreality; Reality; Ancient and Modern Necromacy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism Denounced

All Things Are Possible To God

Bible: Matt 11:5; Matt 14:36; Matt 19:26; Isa 65:24

Mrs. Eddy's writings: SH 1:1

Suggested Bible Lessons:God

I Am With You Alway

Based on the Great Commission

Bible: Matt 28:20; Mark 16:15-20; Luke 9:1; Luke 10:18; Acts 2:1

Mrs. Eddy's writings: SH 117:10; 47:8

Suggested Bible Lessons: Christ Jesus; Christian Science

O, Great God in Heaven Above

Bible: Ps 95:3; Gen 2:6; Isa 14:14; Rev 21:4

Mrs. Eddy's writings: Mis 227:25; '00 8:27; Ret 86:11; SH 225

Hymn: 287; 29

Suggested Bible Lessons:God, Love, Soul, Man; Are Sin, Disease and Death Real?; Everlasting Punishment; Adam and Fallen Man; Mortals and Immortals; God the Preserver of Man; Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?

Touched By Your Love Divine

Bible: Jer 1:9; Dan 10:10; Ps 16:1; Ps 145:8; Ps 91; Ps 27:5

Mrs. Eddy's writings: Ret 76:9; SH 18

Suggested Bible Lessons: God, Love; God the Preserver of Man; Mortals and Immortals 


Bible: Eph 5:14; II Pet 1:19; Prov 6:4,9; Ps 59:1; Ps 132:4

Mrs. Eddy's writings: My 189:17; SH 75:12; 95:22; 592:21; 291:22

Suggested Bible Lessons: Life, Soul, Unreality; Matter; Probation After Death; Everlasting Punishment; Adam and Fallen Man; Mortals and Immortals

For You I'm Ever Here

Bible: Jer 29:11; Ps 91:3; Isa 43:1; Rev 17:14

Mrs. Eddy's writings: SH 465:13; 520:3; 468:16; 71:2

Suggested Bible Lessons: God, Life, Mind, Soul, Truth, Man, God the Only Cause and Creator; Soul and Body