Meet the Musicians

Jesus Fuentes piano

Jesus Fuentes

Composer, Pianist

Jesus spent many hours working with melodies and harmonies to create a special sound for each solo.  Sit back and enjoy his compositions and accompaniments! We're privileged to have Jesus on the team with his gentle nature, adaptability,  and sound musical talent. 

Sheena Fadey


Sheena brought true soul to the project with her wonderful sound that only she can do! Her only assignment was "let it go"! And she did! You'll love the heart and soul she brings to her solos!


David Gaschen


Mr. Gaschen is an internationally renowned vocalist and stage performer who remains best known for the years he devoted to the title character in "The Phantom of the Opera' on Broadway. Close your eyes and listen, you'll hear Mr. Gaschen float his voice above the accompaniment in a way only the "Phantom" can do!



Jana Ellsworth


Ms. Ellsworth's  stunning and smoothing voice brings a healing and uplifting atmosphere to the listener.  Her professionalism shines through resulting in moving melodies that make you wish she could sing you to sleep everynight!

Johannes Bjerregaard

Composer, Pianist

Johannes' exclusive melodies and harmonies push forward and upward as they wind and wind to a finale. He won't leave you where he found you! Without his open heart and willing hands this album would not have been possible.


Avery Guyear


Avery's vocal energy and rare style broadens the musical lines in this album. Her voice resonates with warmth and reality, bringing a settled feeling to her performances.

Joshua Reynolds


Joshua's voice is far beyond his years. He brings a deep, solid sound that touches the depth of the heart. He resonates with profoundness and power while commanding the melody line.  

Monica Kennedy


Monica brings over 22 years of experience as organist at Christian Science churches to her performance!  Her knowledge of church solos, arrangement, composition, and style glistens as she dresses up an old familiar hymn.

Lynn Jackson


Lynn's lyrics were written throughout the project and often edited at the last minute to fit the music and vocal style. She wants to thank everyone who looked over her lyrics, gave suggestions, and guidance during this process. Lynn drew upon her study of Christian Science as well as her practice and teaching of Christian Science while developing the lyrics through prayer and inspiration. The Christian Science Bible Lessons were foremost in thought, -- hoping to provide new solos for the subjects chosen by Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder of Christian Science. Lynn is widely published in the church's magazines. 

Don Caldwell


There simply aren't words enough for what Don has brought to this project. His vision and musical guidance have blessed so many musicians. He has expanded their horizons and encouraged each one to press forward in their music career. Don was there for us from beginning to end -- encouraging, editing, and guiding , -- in short, bringing this project to life!

Thanks Don for sharing your inspiration and blessing us all along the way...